It’s been a long time I wanted to announce and reveal this, and this morning is now the moment! This blog post announces the release of cheddar in version 0.1!


Cheddar is a GLSL superset language. What it means is that most of the GLSL constructs and syntax you’re used to is valid in Cheddar – not all of it; most of it. Cheddar adds a set of features that I think are lacking to GLSL. Among them:

However, Cheddar is not:

The documentation is still a big work in progress but most of it should give you enough information to get started.

A bit of backstory

Cheddar was imagined and designed while I was working on spectra, a work in progress demoscene crate I’ve been working for a while now. I released two demos thanks to spectrathis one and this one. Because those demos are very meh to me, I decided to enhance my tools. Among them was the need to write shaders a better and easier way. Then Cheddar got born. I used Cheddar while preparing other demos, and I was talking about it on IRC and Reddit, people seemed to be interested – I even had a friend writing demos in C++ interested!

So here it is. Please, provide feedback if you try it, should you like it or not!

Dig in

Disclaimer: the current state of the language is pretty experimental and unstable. There’s no semantics checking, for instance.

You can read the full tutorial and design document on the official documentation page.

Thanks for having read me, and as always, keep the vibe!

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Mon Jul 9 01:00:00 2018 UTC